The Thoughts

I only discovered Liane Moriarty recently. After enjoying The Last Anniversary, I was keen to dive into another of her books. Right away, I noticed similarities. Again, there is a central mystery the entire book is built around. This time it’s a particular pivotal moment. We know something happened, when and where it happened, and that it was a really big deal. But we are left on the hook wondering about crucial details for a huge percentage of the book. To me, it felt like a slightly heavy-handed way to keep the tension alive throughout the narrative.

The Feels

Fortunately, the vivid characters kept me interested. I felt like we got an intimate and insightful peek into the messy lives of real people. These are characters with flaws and weaknesses. Watching them struggle and evolve kept me interested. When the big reveal came at last, I felt swept up in the resolution. I’m glad I stuck around for the end.

The Verdict

Read it if you enjoy a gradually unraveling, non-linear narration style.

Skip it if being kept in the dark but continually tantalized makes you see red.