The Thoughts

I came across Guy Gavriel Kay’s work when I was looking to use up some Audible credits. I listen to a lot of books, but I get most of them from various libraries. I start many, many more books than I finish because I’m picky both in terms of story and narrator. I often have trouble using my Audible credits because it feels like such a big commitment. So when I listened to the sample of Tigana, I was cautiously optimistic. Here was a lyrical beginning to a big story: a setting that had to do with war but was centered on an unlikely conversation between a prince and a sculptor. It was a thoughtful, gorgeous, wrenching scene, and it hooked me utterly.

The Feels

This book, in the end, is all about feeling. Sure, there is action. Things happen — sometimes violent things. There are also moments of tension and moments of quiet, but everything is shot through with so soo much emotion. We plunge deep into the inscrutable workings of the good guys, the bad guys, and a lot of people who land somewhere in between.

I love thoughtful writing. I love introspective characters. I love magic and lost cultures and quests to deliver long-delayed vengeance. So yeah. I really liked this book.

The Verdict

Read it if you want to dive into a character-driven story set in a vivid world torn by magic.

Skip it if you don’t have much patience for people with feelings.