The Thoughts

I read Three Wishes towards the end of a total Liane Moriarty binge. (I ripped through nearly all of her books in just a few weeks.) While this one may have been my least favorite, that’s not to say it’s not worth a read. Having read so many of her works in quick succession, I began to pick up on the formula Moriarty uses to drive the story, make the plot feel urgent and flesh out characters. Despite a few clunky moments, this book delivers three-dimensional characters and a deep look at the secret driving forces behind people’s actions.

The Feels

Mostly I felt entertained reading this story. The dynamic of the triplets was a constant source of interesting and complex interpersonal moments. I also love that these books are set in Australia. Something about that glimpse of an environment so different from where I live is both refreshing and educational.

The Verdict

Read it if you’re looking for a fun and surprising romp with some interesting characters.

Skip it if a plot that uses somewhat obvious methods to build suspense annoy you.

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