The Thoughts

Tessili Academy is an epic fantasy novella that starts with a narrator trapped in a mysterious school. Her memory is compromised but she has a partner—a tiny winged creature called a tessila. The feel is one of magic and mystery. As the main character struggles to know herself, we encounter hints about the wider world and the school the girls live in. At last, we discover what’s at stake if something doesn’t change fast. Although events move quickly, the scenes are immersive. When the mystery finally comes to light, all hell breaks loose.

The Feels

As another reader put it, there is some solid badassery in this book. Characters struggle to protect themselves in seemingly impossible circumstances. It’s easy to hate the bad guys, love the sympathetic rebels, and root for the students. Things get real towards the end. As it becomes obvious the academy will stop at nothing to stay in control, we see the students rise to the occasion. But not without casualties.

The Verdict

Read it if you’re up for a brief but epic tale of self-discovery and fighting for freedom.

Skip it if you don’t enjoy slow-boiling plots and reading between the lines.

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