The Thoughts

My primary problem with this series is I don’t want to read it because then it will be over. I know that is ridiculous. I am ridiculous sometimes. So I took a break after finishing Fool’s Assassin before pushing on.

One thing Hobb always manages to do is approach her stories from an angle I didn’t anticipate. In this case we see Fitz in new circumstances and new roles, but he remains maddeningly himself. (There are some things I hoped he’d learn to do differently thanks to past mistakes. But nope. Fitz is Fitz.) And while Fitz is busy not changing, the Farseer world keeps getting darker and more complicated. Towards the end we run into some characters from other books set in the same realm. It’s interesting to see them through the lens of an outsider.

The Feels

This book is full of dark emotions and undercurrents. This is actually less to do with the unraveling plot and more to do with the atmosphere. There’s a sense of mourning the past alongside a building sense of doom that has me so far putting off picking up the third and final book in the series. I’m afraid Hobb is going to resolve all my favorite characters. I’m afraid the final book is going to make me cry for days.

One thing is certain. I’m going to miss Fitz and the Fool when their story is finally over.

The Audio

Again with the terrible narration though. I said it before so I won’t repeat myself, but these books deserve better.

The Verdict

Read it if you fancy a powerful exploration of an old, complicated friendship between former heroes who have seen better days.

Skip it if you’ve been waiting all this time for Fitz to evolve as a character.