The Thoughts

My husband and I like to read to each other on road trips. We love how the endless hours fly by almost unnoticed with the right kind of book. The trouble is not all books fit the bill. Subtle, slow, or lyrical writing can generate a drowsy feeling with the road stretching out before you. Elaborate plots can be too hard to hold in one’s head by the 10th hour on the highway. However, we picked up Fool Me Once during our last epic trip and it was the perfect style for our journey. Quick enough to grip you, with enough plot twists to keep you interested. We devoured this entire book, finishing it mere minutes before reaching our destination.

The Feels

Mostly what I felt through this entire was curiosity, and this sense built and built as the plot unfurled further. For a while I thought it was building to a resolution it couldn’t possibly deliver on. But then … well, it totally delivers. In the end, it’s a satisfying read that leaves the reader feeling somewhat thoughtful and sad.

The Verdict

Read it if you enjoy unreliable narrators and plots that don’t straighten out until the last scene.

Skip it if stories involving guns, violence, and unsavory characters don’t appeal to you.

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