The Thoughts

I literally preordered this book as soon as I could. Then I didn’t read it for months after it came out because I didn’t want to arrive at a time in my life where there would be no more Fitz and the Fool books forthcoming. Then, when I finally started, I devoured the whole thing in the shortest possible time my life would allow.

This books is pretty classic Robin Hobb. It’s got a plot that will knock you back onto your heels at every turn, characters that are so real you will find yourself conducting silent mental arguments with them when you have to take breaks from reading to shower, and a resolution you will never see coming in a million years.

The Feels

I cried while reading this book. A lot. While I must admit I am the kind of person who cries when I experience strong emotion of any kind and I can be easily manipulated by music and television, with books I’m actually a much harder mark. It takes a good book to make me cry. This is as good book. This is a very very good book. It takes everything we have all invested in Fitz and his story over the last many decades, add layers and layers of more feels, and then ends in a way I am going to tell you nothing about. Because no spoilers. But seriously. What are you waiting for? Just go read this thing right now.

The Verdict

Read it if you want to lose yourself and get your heart broken and dive deeper into Hobb’s rich and endlessly fascinating world.

Skip it if you haven’t already read every single other book in this series or aren’t already in love with the Realm of the Elderlings.

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